The project focuses primarily on increasing the participation of young leaders in public administration through their systematic education through non-formal learning methods in order to build active and responsible citizens in their own (local)community. The main aim of the project is education and capacity building of responsible and active young citizens in the Autonomous Region of Gagauzia and to create conditions for formulating and implementing requirements in the context of youth policy and reforms. Among the basic activities, we will continue in the implementation of successful format for non-formal education of young leaders in Gagauzia, GYLP (Gagauzian Youth Leadership Program) in the field of establishment of active and responsible citizenship. During the ongoing non-formal education program, young leaders from all parts of Republic of Moldova will have the opportunity to engage in an informal meeting to share experiences and identify opportunities for cooperation in the development of communities. In order to fulfill the second objective of the project, a platform will be set up to identify the most pressing problems of the youth in Gagauzia and at the same time to adopt adequate strategies for their solution and to submit them to local decision-makers, relevant actors in the field. In addition to active young citizens, students and members of youth institutions, governmental and non-governmental organizations, members of educational institutions will also participate in the non-formal meeting of platform. The added value and output of the Platform will be the establishment of dialogue with a similar initiative at the national level.